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Challenges of Covid, New Artwork & Style, and Upcoming Art Adventures


Hello all!

It’s been awhile.  I pray that you and yours are staying safe from all of this Covid stuff. As schools starts and many of us begin to slowly venture back out into the world with new rules and habits, I am  trying to focus more on the positive things my life. The recent events have allotted me some time to explore and practice some art techniques and to reorganize the way I  run my art business. I am going to be promoting more of my work online and allowing local buyers pickup during scheduled times at my studio.

I have just listened some new abstract paintings.  I am enjoying creating some more impressionistic style art. The bold colors and use of heavy bodied paints with distinctive  brushstrokes is challenging and fun.

In addition to  exploring a new painting style, I am currently working on holiday ornaments, paintings, and crafts that I will be selling a local craft events. I am also working on new items to showcase online as part of an upcoming joint business venture that my husband and I are working to establish. More to come about this later on…

So, the bottomline is that I am staying busy and gearing up for the holiday season. Although Covid has made running a physical studio more challenging on many levels, I am excited that it has pushed me to reconsider some previous plans form art and given some new direction in creating it. Keep checking my website for  new art  pieces! You can also follow me on Instagram to catch a glimpse of my latest creations- Branching Tree Studio .  Thanks for visiting! Until next time, Stay well and be blessed!



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