I currently reside in Salem, VA. a beautiful small town near Roanoke,VA. located  in the Shenandoah Valley region between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Allegheny Mountains. However, I am not originally from this area. I actually grew up on a small farm in rural west Tennessee. I have been creating art since I was a small child. I am also a lifelong learner who has taken several professional art courses over the years and who has participated in many art events. I have shared my art with family, friends, and people from various parts of the world. No matter where life has taken me, art has been a continual presence in my life.
  Growing up in the country, I spent a lot of time outside. One of my favorite things to do was to climb up in the branches of a very large oak tree that grew by our pond. I would spend hours sitting up in that tree daydreaming about life, reading, and drawing pictures. It was a sacred place to me. When it came time to name my studio I knew that I wanted a name that would be meaningful and bring to mind good memories thus, Branching Tree Studio was born.

    I joined the Navy right after high school and became a Hospital Corpsman. After my time in the service, I continued to work in the medical field for several years and would go on to earn degrees and have careers in the environmental field, and eventually in the field of education. After 8.5 years of working in the classroom as an Earth Science high school teacher, the time came when I decided to resign from my position. I felt very drawn to do something different with my life. I needed and wanted to focus on myself and my family. I took a hard look at what I felt was important and at what I wanted most in the years ahead. My art was near the top of that list.  I had used my art talents, knowledge, and education extensively throughout my life up to this point.  I wanted to really focus on my love of painting and creating and on developing a professional art career. I decided that the time had come to take a leap of faith and to live my passion!

      So, here I am today with paint brushes, paints, and/or inks in hand putting to canvas, wood, and other substrates the ideas and images that fuel my creative spirit and imagination. I believe that the passion, the energy, and the emotions I feel when painting becomes part of my art. It is my hope that my works brings joy and sparks a creative spirit in others.
     I want my art to help others to express their style, to connect with the artist inside of them, and to change the way they view their environment and their world. The motto of my studio is not just to create art, but to create art with purpose. Despite many changes and challenges along the way, I believe that God has given new life and purpose to my life.  I want to share positive energy, creative expression, and love of art with others. At Branching Tree Studio I strive to create “Art to Inspire”.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my studio site! If you have questions about any of my pieces or about having a personalized art piece created,  please feel free to email me at 1branchingtree@gmail.com. You can also look for  Out on a Limb Art Kits & Painting Events on Facebook and send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you!