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Grand Opening of Virtual Painting Events!

Hello, I am excited to announce that Branching Tree Studio's paint party event division, Out on a Limb, will now be conducting virtual painting events! With the ongoing threat of Covid and the upcoming flu season, conducting in -person paint events is simply no longer a safe option. So, as… read more

Challenges of Covid, New Artwork & Style, and Upcoming Art Adventures

Hello all! It's been awhile.  I pray that you and yours are staying safe from all of this Covid stuff. As schools starts and many of us begin to slowly venture back out into the world with new rules and habits, I am  trying to focus more on the positive… read more

Prints are In! & New Abstracts!

Hello, What a busy week it's been and it's only Wednesday! I am happy to announce that I have ordered a limited amount of art prints of my sea turtle painting, Hawaiian Sea Turtle, and I just received the first part of my order. The quality and color are amazing!… read more